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Welcome to DE SAP Consultancy, my name is Debby Eekman

Who am I ….

I’m a Sr. SD / MM functional consultant with now more than 10 years of experience with SAP. In recent years I have been able to work for different companies and industries and was able to increase my skill as a SAP consultant.


Below a summary of my  expertise within SAP

SAP AFS 6.4 and 6.5
Prince II
SAP Module R/3, SCM

Some of the companies I was privileged to work with :


    Period:  Apr. 2016 – Current

    Function:  Sr SD Consultant 


    • Writing Functional Document based on the Business Requirements for the creation of a Buying Portal
    • Wringing the FO for the interface from the Portal into SAP ECC via SAP PI
    • Support on the EDI processes
    • Develop standard documents for the FO, TO and the Business Requirements

    Customizing: SD, LO.

    System: SAP Retail

  • Natudis

    Period:  Sept. 2015 – Mrt. 2016

    Function:  Sr SD Consultant 


    • Writing Functional Document based on the Business Requirements
    • Customizing SAP – LSP system
    • Support on the EDI processes

    Customizing: SD, LO.

    System: SAP 6.0

  • Grandvision

    Period:  Okt. 2015 – Mrt 2016

    Function:  Sr Consultant 

    •  Writing Functional Documents based on the Business Requirements

    • Support of the Business

    • Workshops and Fit/Gap analyse

    • Customizing for Wholesale, Intra- /Inter company 

    • Writing of the Migration documents for migration Transactionele data

    Customizing: SD, MM, LO,Allocation, EDI

    System: SAP Retail 6.0

  • Marchon Europe BV

    Period:  2014 – Sept. 2015

    Function:  Sr SD Consultant EMEA

    •  Writing Functional and Technical documents based on the Business Requirements

    • Support of the Business for EMEA Sales organization (13 in total)

    • Customizing SD/AFS

    • Helping the business by training them and write Business manuals

    • Create LSMW to help the business to make mass changes if needed.


    Customizing: SD, MM, Allocation, LSMW

    Systeem: SAP AFS 6.0

  • Smart wares Home improvement

    Period: 2012 – 2015

    Function: Sr SD Consultant

    • Full implementation SAP SD/MM and support other modules such as FI, EDI LO
    • 3 roll-outs of SAP SD/MM and support of other SAP Modules like FI, EDI LO.
    • Workshop whit Project managers and Key-users
    • Writing Bleu print
    • FIT / GAP analyse
    • Wringing Functional and Technical documents
    • Customizing of  Business structure and Customer hierarchy
    • Customizing of Calculation schema’s, ordertypes, deliveries and invoices
    • Customizing of output
    • GS1 retour management
    • Intercompany
    • Support of the Key-users during testing
    • Go-Live and after Go-Live support
    • Project support
    • SAP Autorisaties

    Customizing: SD, MM, LSMW

    Systeem: SAP Retail

  • G-Star RAW

    Period: 2011 – 2012

    Function: Sr SD Consultant

    • Workshop whit projectmanager and Key-users
    • Support of the Key-users during testing

    • Giving training to the Key-users
    • Go-Live and after Go-Live support

    Customizing: geen

    Systeem: SAP AFS 6.0

  • Koninklijke Gazelle

    Period: 2010 – 2011

    Function: Sr. SD Consultant


    • Re-implementatie SAP SD
    • Workshops for different departments
    • Analyse custom customizition
    • Writing plan of action
    • Creation of:
    • Customizing of new ordertypes and calculation rules
    • Proces discriptions
    • Creation and giving of training
    • Testscripts and support of testing
    • Support Go-Live and after Go-Live

    Customizing: SD, MM, CRM, LSMW

    Systeem: SAP ECC

  • Hema

    Period: 2007 – 2010

    Function: SD Consultant


    • Various projects in which the following activities are carried out:
    • Workshops with different departments
    • FIT / GAP analyse
    • Writing of the Test scripts 
    • Performing:

    –  Writing of Proces description

    – Writing and giving Trainingen

    – Writing test scripts and support with testing

    – Support of Go-Live and after Go-Live

    Customizing: Non

    Systems: SAP Retail / SAP SUS/ EDI

  • Beiersdorf

    Period: 1999 – 2007

    Function: Key-User / SD Consultant


    • Various projects:
    • Training prepared and given to end users

      •    Many issues, including solutions for;

      • COO (confectioning On Order)
      • FI / CO (Billing)
      • BOM (Bill Of Material)
      • KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
      • Writing Guides
      • Create process descriptions
      • Coordinate change requests.
      • Descriptions of the changes
      • Testing of changes in SAP and AS/400
      • Data checking in the various warehouses
      • Transports (EDI) testing between warehouses
      • Testing and checking of data in BW
      Support – in the Netherlands and Germany – after relocation

    Customizing: Non

    Systeem: SAP ECC / EDI

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